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Can I put air conditioning in my conservatory?

Why you should consider adding air conditioning to your conservatory?

Conservatories notoriously are either too cold in the winter, or too hot in the summer. Which usually means you have invested a lot of money in an area of the house with very limited use. Heating a conservatory can mean the upgrade of an existing boiler system along with the cost of extra pipe work and radiators, plus all the disruption that goes along with this type of work. With the installation of a heat pump system both the heating and cooling issues are solved with one simple unit. Which we can usually install in one day, with minimal impact and disruption to your home.

Running costs

Modern day heat pumps are extremely energy efficient, with new inverter technology on board; these systems are also very cost effective to run. Most of our systems are rated A++, so running your system won’t break the bank.


All of our systems are made from durable and wipeable plastic, making them extremely easy to keep clean and germ free. With washable high efficiency filters our systems scrub the air flowing over it keeping you protected from most dust particles.

Noise levels

All of our systems are designed with modern day living in mind. The last thing you need is a system you can hear running over the TV or your music.

Typical noise levels between 23 – 39 Db (A)


Most of our domestic systems are controlled from a hand held unit just like your TV remote. But if you’re a bit more technically minded there are various means of control. You can even control your system via your smart phone.


All of our systems carry a three year warranty subject to conditions. So if you have any problems we’re there to support you.

Contact us today to find out how Burton Air Conditioning can transform your conservatory into the perfectly controlled garden getaway you wanted it to be.


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