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What can Burton Air Conditioning do for your business?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Burton Air Conditioning Ltd. take a professional and proactive approach to all the services it provides, from design through to installation, service call to diagnosis and repair and not forgetting our maintenance service.

Below is a list of services Burton Air Conditioning can offer, for more information contact us here.

  1. Free no obligation quotations

  2. Design

  3. Installation

  4. Advice and recommendations

  5. Service and breakdown calls

  6. Full maintenance packages

  7. Finance packages


All of our quotations are completely free with absolutely no obligation to place an order. We are confident that you will be happy with our costs along with our professional attitude and product range.


Burton Air Conditioning can assist you in selecting and sizing the correct equipment to suit your requirements.

From small one off heat pump systems to serve a small office or a domestic environment, through to a VRF heat recovery system that covers several floors of an office block.

In any situation we provide you with professional and impartial advice to develop a system that provides the correct environment for you and your company. This will increase productivity from staff that are comfortable in their surroundings, an uncomfortable and irritated workforce will not be as productive.


Once a design has been agreed and an official order placed, we can then provide you with a professional and approachable installation crew who will be happy to work with you to produce a high quality installation.

All of our engineers are F-gas qualified. We pride ourselves on being an efficient and flexible team who strive to complete on or before target with minimal disruption and mess. When required we will work outside of working hours to achieve our target.

Advice & Recommendation

Burton Air Conditioning is always happy to advise you on any questions you may have whether at the start of a project or as ongoing support. We make recommendations based on professional opinion and experience along with a huge knowledge base.

Finance Packages

Burton Air Conditioning are now delighted to be in a position to offer and arrange finance packages to suit your budget. So if you don’t want to go down the road of laying out large deposits and eating into your capital then why not give us a call to arrange a visit?

Service and Maintenance

The main things for your consideration are listed below:

  1. Regular servicing

  2. F-Gas Regulations

  3. Asset registry

  4. TM44 Energy Assessment

Regular servicing

This is obviously an important process, making sure all your air conditioning systems are in good working order and to diagnose and repair any air conditioning system that has developed problems.

This procedure keeps you in touch with the general health of your air conditioning system and allows you to make informed decisions on how to look after your equipment. We take this part of the package seriously and take time to check each system carefully, all services are documented and you will be provided with copies for your records.

F-gas regulations

F-gas regulations (What is F-gas?) state that any system that contains more than 3kgs and up to 30kgs of refrigerant need to be leak checked annually.

Carrying out the above mentioned servicing will provide us with the relevant information relating to this matter.

If any of your systems fall into this category we will advise you and provide F-gas certification as required. Burton Air Conditioning is an F-Gas certified company: F-gas registration: REF1006623

Asset register

Once all service works are carried out we provide you with an Asset Register. This register provides you and us with all the necessary information relating to all the air conditioning systems on site, including; model numbers, serial numbers, location of equipment, records of repairs carried out, and so on.

This facility is a quick reference tool, where all relevant details of all air conditioning systems on site can be stored and updated accordingly. This is a useful tool for audit purposes.

TM44 Energy Assessment

TM 44 energy assessments are a legal requirement for all companies that have systems over five years old with an accumulation of 12kws and above. There is plenty of information relating to this subject on the internet (Search: TM44 energy assessment). Burton Air Conditioning can arrange this service on your behalf.

As always, if you have any questions relating to any of the above topics get in touch.

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