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Why you should have your Air Conditioning serviced before returning to the office.

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Your Air Conditioning systems will have been dormant for weeks or months, so a general health check will ensure they are ready for their regular daily use once the office is fully operational again.

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When lock-down measures were introduced back in March, no-one knew what the following months had in store. These have been difficult weeks, but now restrictions are beginning to be lifted and for many it is time to return to your usual working environment.

If you are currently planning a safe return to the office for you and your staff, now would be the ideal time to have your air conditioning units serviced and sanitized.

What's involved when my system is serviced?

This would include, but not limited to:-

  • thorough filter cleaning and sanitizing

  • coils checked, cleaned and sanitized

  • general health check to ensure system will run efficiently

  • pipework checked for any signs of leaks

  • condenser (outdoor unit) checked for blockages that may impede air flow

Priority should be given to server rooms which contain essential and expensive hi tech equipment which generate a lot of heat. As the equipment generally runs 24/7 regular checks and maintenance are vital to ensure systems are kept running efficiently to ensure no outage, damage or downtime for you and your staff and possible costly and time consuming job for your IT team.

What will happen if I don't correctly maintain my system?

  • filters become clogged with dirt and dust (see images)

  • air flow becomes weak and ineffective

  • cooling or heating capability is reduced

  • system has to work harder and is no longer energy efficient

Looking to the future we can provide a schedule of PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) to keep your systems running efficiently all year round whatever the weather.

This had been a difficult time for all industries, but now restrictions are being relaxed it's time to consider how we should adapt and improve our working environment for everyone. Now more than ever It is important that the hygiene of your air conditioning systems is considered along with hand sanitizer, masks, antibacterial wipes and social distancing, that are all becoming part of our daily routine.

Give Burton Air Conditioning a call on 01529 460044 or email today and find out how we can best prepare your work space to be a comfortable environment for your employees.

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