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There are many questions clients have when they come to us, how long will it take? Will it effect my business? How much mess will there be? At Burton Air Conditioning we aim to make sure you know just as much about the service and unit you've purchased as we do.


Take a look through our Frequently Asked Questions and if we have missed anything off, simply give us a call - we're more than happy to answer any of your questions

How do I know which system is right for me?


Don't worry, Burton Air Conditioning are air conditioning experts. As part of our FREE site survey we can recommend systems that would fit your needs to make sure you're saving money exactly where you need to. With so many systems available - it helps to get both the technical and logistical advice of an expert.

How do I maintain my Air Conditioning Unit?


Air Conditioning units are very simple to maintain and the better looked after they are the less they need servicing by a professional. To keep your system in working order simply keep the easy-access filters clean by taking them out and rinising in soapy water once a month and wiping down any visible marks from the panels. 

How long does an installation take?


It truly depends on the job. An estimated completion time can be supplied once we have completed one of our FREE site surveys. 

We're fast and efficient workers and we aim to make sure the work we carry out does not impact on your family life or work productivity. 

Is it messy?


We're often in and out before you've even noticed we're there. There is some drilling and dust involved but we make sure to clean up after ourselves - that's a promise. We pride ourselves in leaving the site as we found it, with the exception of a brand new fully functioning air conditioning unit.

Do you supply portable units?


Yes, Burton Air Conditioning can supply a wide range of portable air conditioning units for sale or hire - simply contact us!

Didn't answer your question?


If you still have a question that needs asking - contact us today and we will do our best to answer it!

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